How to Play Volleyball

Volleyball is a widely celebrated team sport that consists of 6 players in each team separated by a net. Each of the volleyball teams aims to secure points by allowing the ball to come to rest on the ground on the opponent’s court within the set of laid down rules and norms. Volleyball is a popular Olympics sport and its rules are extensive and pretty stringent. Both men and women perform well in volleyball matches that are held at international and national levels and the game is widely celebrated all across the globe. Here are some basic ways to get started with the amazing game and before you do that, make sure you own a pair of good volleyball shoes.

Beach Volleyball Silhouette

Serve it Right

The basic serve of the volley ball must travel over the net into the opponent’s court and thus start the rally. The serving can be done with your hands and from behind the serving line. A serve can fetch a point immediately if it touches the server’s hands which are known as ace. Experienced players can also try serving overhand. To serve the ball you have straighten your elbows and strike the ball.

Bump the Volleyball

This is one of the most common shot to return a serve. It means to pass the ball to the other team. The player has to make a fist with the left hand and wrap his right hand around the left fist. Both the thumbs should be flat against the top of your hands with the thumbnail that faces upwards. You can then rotate your elbows to strike the ball. The player must stand with feet shoulder width apart and must wait until the ball reaches the same level as his waist.

When the ball is about to make a contact with the forearms the player must push up with the legs and strike with the hands to angle the platform towards the target to strike the ball in opponent’s court.

Practice the Setting

It is important to stop the ball from hitting the ground. Hence the player must hold his hands in the air and create a triangle window through which the ball can be seen. The feet shoulder width must be maintained and legs must be bent slightly to get a comfortable posture to strike the ball back. The ball must then be hit with the fingertips as it reaches eye level. It must be pushed upwards and take a light jump as you strike the ball.

Spiking the Ball

Spiking is also known as attacking. The player must approach the ball and lift it with the dominant hand. The hand must be curved in the shape of the ball with the elbows bent. The player must jump up and then hit the ball with the palm. This results the ball to rise high to a maximum power. The momentum of the strike must be such that it travels across the net moves downwards in the opponent’s court to make it difficult for them to confront.

These are some of the key beginning steps to get started with the game. So get going and unleash the champion the volley ball within you!