Technological Advancement in Movies

James Cameron in an interview said that he had the script ready for the film ‘Avatar’ in 1994 but it took him an entire decade before the technology was ready to prepare the film. Even other filmmakers faced numerous problems in regards to equipment required for their movies. Not only have the handy equipments, even the movie box app users cheered up the audiences in the modern digital era. Here is the list down of the technology advancement that happened in the Hollywood over the years.

Fusion Camera System

One of the best technological advancement you can see in the movies is the Fusion Camera System which was used in the completion of the movie, ‘Avatar’. This is a High Definition 3D camera system developed by James Cameron when he fused two Sony HDC- F950 HD cameras. He kept them 2.5 inches apart so as to mimic the stereoscopic separation same as that of human eyes. Since then, this technology has been used in the films including ‘Tron: Legacy’, ‘Life of Pi’ and ‘Hugo’.


Digital Previsualization has been used in the film industry for years. This technique is used to plan and visualize scenes before you try to produce them. They are mostly used in storyboarding where you need to visualize complex actions and effect scenes beforehand. The first picture to use this technology was the “Star Trek V: The Final Frontier”. VFX artists Michael Whorman and Brad Degraff had used the idea of using 3D computer codes to pre-visualize scenes.

Master and Slave Camera Technology

The film “Upside Down” used the master and slave camera technology where he wanted his actors to produce the scene where his two main characters were to interact with each other while being opposite to each other. The director, Juan Diego Solanas wanted his cameras to be controlled manually by his crew and not with the help of a computer and pre-programmed motions. He made two cameras appear on twin sets which remained in sync with each other so as to have an identical movement between the two cameras.

Rigs for Zero Gravity

The crew behind the movie – ‘Ender’s Game” faced problems with the zero gravity scenes. However, the crew went on to invent a new rig as a technical improvement to help make the scenes better. The rig was created in accordance by the stunt coordinator Garrett Warren. It places an actor inside a ring. This ring was placed on a lollipop arm suspension system. It provided the actors with a wide range of motion to complete their Battle Room scenes. This is why the scenes appeared to be heroic when you watch them in HD in any app like Megabox APK for PC.

VistaGlide Motion-Control Camera

The VistaGlide motion-control camera helped the production team of the film “Back of the Future” tackle the problem where number of actors have to play multiple characters playing a double role on the screen at the same time. It was specially developed to take shots where a person plays 2-3 different roles at the same scene. Helped by the robotic, motion controlled camera, the filmmakers were easily able to control the movement of the actors in a single take.

Final Say

The use of technology was always prevalent in the films but these recent technologies helped the movies to be completed. With even more technological advancements, expect the pictures made in future to have even better graphics than now.