Top Car Dash Camera on the Market

Top Car Dash Camera on the Market


As companies compete to get a bigger slice of the pie, car dash cam manufacturers are always on the drawing board while continuously developing better features and adaptability to the fast life on the road. Here are some of the top car dash cameras out in the US market. Or, alternatively you can check out the best dash cams the uk has to offer guide.


Black Box Mobius Pro Mini Action Camera

Dubbed as the most compact and versatile dash cam, the Mobius Pro can fit in the palm of your hands and takes the least space in your windshield. It can easily be detached from the mounting and use it for a variety of outdoor activities using special bracket mountings that can be attached to your helmet, tripod or bicycle handle bar. Unique to this model is a three-way volume setting that can be customized for Compact Disc quality.

Cobra Electronics CDR 900 Dash Cam

Cobra Dash Cam

This is one of the units that can be remotely operated through an App using WiFi connection. You can turn the unit on or off and view the camera’s actual and real time footage from another gadget like iOS and other android devices which has earned its title as the most modern dash cam.


Blackcam BCH-1000 Hybrid

Aside from a dash cam’s standard feature, the Blackcam has a 126-degree wide angle lens and dual WDR making it perfect for light correction. On top of this, the unit has a Panasonic CMOS sensor, an anti-fogging mechanism and a noise reduction system. Its storage memory comes with a 32GB memory card but can be upgraded up to 128 GB. The whole unit is controlled by a 3.5-inch touchscreen mounted on the windshield using adhesive tapes. The reason why it’s called a hybrid is its capability to have a separate rear camera which had earned its title as the most vigilant dash cam.


Black Box G1W Original Dashboard Dash Cam

Named the E-Prance G1W in other countries and considered by some as the best dash cam, the Black Box G1W has all the standard features of a dash cam which includes an Aptina AR330 lens that has a 140-degree view, LED night vision capability and a chipset that is intended for a smoother image processing which is supported by a 1296 x 1080 pixel for a high definition setting. It has zoom capabilities up to 4x, backup internal battery that can last up to 10 minutes and a multi-language support system. Based on review, the only downside of the Black Box G1W is that it has no touchscreen capability.



Considered to be the most durable car dash cam, the KDLINKS® X1 has an emergency lock button which can record high quality videos even during a collision. It can resist harsh weather condition withstanding extreme temperatures ranging from -40 to as high as 170 OF. This unit has a built-in GPS with Google Map Integration. This system records your speed and location wherein this data can be viewed during playback. It has a full High Definition setting at 1920 x 1080 pixels that can capture 3 frames per second.

kdlinks dash cam

If you are convinced of the latest car dash cam available in the market and wants to buy one, you should remember that what really matters, is not the brand or model, but it has to be your desired feature and specification.